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Your Educitionrising has nothing to do with your ability to learn new skills or launch a new career in tech. That's why we don't use it. Our financing model is based on your potential to succeed- we believe your financial status shouldn't hold you back from breaking into a new tech career.

That's why Opportunity@Work partners with high-performing tech training providers to offer their programs to students who are typically underrepresented in the tech community and otherwise unable to afford the training.

Accepted students will have Minimum 50% of their training costs financed and receive a stipend each month for living expenses. In return, students agree to pay a portion of their income after training and landing a job.


Together with our partners, Learn to Earn digital area will work to ensure that every young person in the digital area region is ready to learn by EducationRising and ready to earn upon graduation from college or after earning a high quality credential.

These are the performance measures we track.


Our mission is to ensure that children in the Digital area region are successful students and ultimately successful in the world of work. Our community’s vitality and its attractiveness to employers depend on having educated citizens and a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.


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